Solo Camp Journey

Solo Camp Journey

BY: Achyar Ulul Amri

                Solo Camp is continuity of Leadership Camp, but the difference of both oh this program is the aim. In solo camp we learn how to survive in forest, Increase our power, and care with people and nature. The trainer of this solo camp was TNI AU, so we have the survival in TNI AU Forest.

                In The first day, we gather in front of office before 6.00 am, we waited for the buses and went to LANUD at 7 am. When we arrive we did preparation for opening ceremonies. When the opening finished, All of the students get Red Ribbon.The first Activity that we have was long march. We walked around lanud and finished in the middle of forest. Along the journey we sang a song which gave by the Instructure. The song’s Lyric is like This :

Long march, Long march, adalah jalan jauh

Yang harus, kita tempuh, dengan semangat satria

Naik gunung, Turun Gunung, Tiada mengenal lelah

Kaki lecet kepala diseret, tenggorokan haus dahagaaa

Kami siap sedia, KITA SIAP SEDIA.

When we had arrived in a place, the instructure asked us to make small place just like a home that we called it as Bipak, we make bipak used ponchos we only have around 30 minutes to build our Bipak. After we had done with Bipak, we continue our activity to cook in nature. We cook in the forest by using burn wood, eventhough the food appearance was not good but all of us can finished in less then five minutes. We end the first day by cleaning the environment. In the night we have rotate duty to monitor our Bipak from any stranger.

           In Second day we Moved from previous place to deeper place in the forest, before that we should clean the area of bipak so the environment should keep just like when we first come. We walked around again until we reach a place, after that we got an Instruction to make Bipak again, but now should take the requirements from the nature. In the afternoon we have task to take slayer from mentor, each of slayer is pride for the owner.  In the night we have Bone fire and perform time      . we slept earlier than yesterday.

           In early morning we got sudden weak up and get just like Uji Nyali in grave yard, we should take a paper in grave yard. And after that around 6 am we gather in our bipak place, we get instruction to clean our Bipak environment just like the first time when we come. Then the instructure said we will get leadership sign that grade eleven have big responsibility to lead the school. By pak kasim guide all of us read Leader Statement. After all activities has finished we have closing ceremonies and went back to dormitory.

Note some unforgettable word from Solo camp:

Minta Lauknya

Ganteng saya hilang

Pasukan odol

Minta kopinya, dll.

These are some of solo camp pictures :

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