Noun Phrase (by : Achyar ULuL Amri)

Noun Phrase is a group of words in a sentence which together behave as a noun.

How to arannge the good order of Noun phrase?

Follow this Arrangement :

1.         Determiner                     : a, an, the, this, that, these, those ,etc

2.         Subjective (opinion)   : Stupid, Smart, beautiful, interesting, boring, good, etc
3.        Objectif                              :
a. Size           : big, small, long, short, huge, wide, etc

b. Age           : old, young, new, modern

c. Shape        : Square, Oval, Round, etc.

d. Colour       : Black, Blue, Gray, Yellow, etc.

e. Country    : America, Indonesia, British, Japanese

f. MAterial    : Cotton, Golden, Steel, Wooden, etc.

g. Function   : Curving, Washing, Frying, etc.

4.       Main Word                        : Knife, Jacket, Etc.


Example :

Purple – old – an – jacket

arrange become = An old purple jacket


arrange become = a brown wooden cupboard



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