My Dream

My Dream


                When I was child I had so many dreams, but when I grew, I confused which dream I should choose. My first dream was becoming a doctor.  I thought that being a doctor is so cool. But when I know more about the doctor I prefer not to choose to be a doctor.

                My second dream was becoming a math lecturer, I love calculation so that’s way I would be a math lecturer. But when I entered to senior high school I am getting confuse which dream should I have, a dream that can make a big opportunity for me to help other’s and also make a changes in the world.

`               This week I remembered again about my favorite film when I was child, that film entitled “Jimmy neutron” the story film is about a genius boy who can make many useful things from waste material. Jimmy neutron like to do a lot of experiment In his own lab. I inspired from jimmy neutron film to be people who can make useful tings in daily life.

                Finally today, I decide that I want to be an engineer. By become an engineer I can make a equipment that never found before but very useful for others. I hope I can reach my dream. Aamiin.


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