Spoof Text and the Examples

Example Of Spoof Text

by: Achyar Ulul Amri

                Our last material in English Class for this semester was making spoof text. Spoof text contains a funny story. This Text use past tenses. The structures of this text are: introduction, events, and Twist. Twist is the funny part of the story.

For the English task I made two spoof text which are : My Grandpa’s Coffee, and Embarrassing plate. But when I submit the task I preferred to submit the spoof text entitled my grandpa’s Coffee.

These are the example of spoof text made by me. I hope that every one can get benefit from this.


My Grandpa’s Coffee


                When I was child I like to visit my Grandpa’s house in every weekend. In every my visit day I always snacked to my grandpa kitchen and took his cold coffee inside the refrigerator.

One day in my visit time, I felt really thirsty after played with some doctor equipment own by my grandpa. Because I was really thirsty I ran to the kitchen and directly opened the refrigerator to find my grandpa’s cold coffee, it was take longer time for me to find the coffee container then usual because the place moves in the second lowest part of refrigerator. I saw a big brown plastic glass with pink cap on it. Slowly I opened the cap and see black liquid which supposed to be a coffee. When I Drunk The liquid I didn’t feel sweet in my mouth but inversely I felt it was really spicy. “Spicy!, Spicy!” screamed me.

A few second later my Grandpa came and met me. “Did you drink the liquid from that bottle?” asked my grandpa to me. “Yes, I wanted to drink your coffee actually”. “The liquid inside the glass is not a coffee but actually it contains fish cake sauce (Cuko)” Said My Grandpa.


Embarrassing Plate


                I live in dormitory, because I study in one of boarding school in south sumatera. Every Saturday morning we have Gym together with all the students.

One day after we have finished the gym we directly ran to canteen in hurry.  Me and my friend “koi” became the first person who came to the canteen at that day. We were so happy because we saw “bubur ayam” and chocolate bread that already provided by school. We took the food more then our normal portion.

After we have finished our Breakfast. We preferred to have a sit for short time. When we felt the rest time is enough we directly clean the table and put the chair into the origin place. First time when we have putted the chair we directly ran to place where we usually put our dirty plate. The process of putting the plate became a competition even for me and my friend to decide who the fastest person from both of us is.

When we arrived in front of canteen place we usually put the dirty plate, we shocked because there were no the container of the dirty plate in there. After that some one came and told us that the place to put the dirty plate already moved to the back corner inside the canteen.


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