Sang Guru Gemilang

Best Teacher

(By: Achyar Ulul Amri)

                After colonialism era, in Indonesia there was a gracious teacher called as Umar Bakrie. Umar bakrie worked in Junior high school number one Jakarta. He likely went to the school by using his old Bicycle.

            One day when umar bakrie came to his school, he saw some student in the class was collecting money. Then in umar bakrie directly ask about that money with one of students “hey child why do you collect the money?”,and then the student answer umar bakrie question” we want buy LKS Book for Biology subject pak, because if we buy the book we will not take a note along a time and further we can get additional score by having this book”. When umar bakrie heard that he became more interested with this case and continue asking the question with the previous student, “ who is your Biology teacher child ?”, then All student in the class answered together,“ Pak kutikula”. After the conversation finished umar bakrie continued his job to teach math subject. Then when math time finish umar bakrie went to office to take a rest while he was waiting for the next math periode.

            In the Office, There were only two teacher, which are umar bakrie and pak kutikula. Umar bakrie saw pak kutikula were counting money and there were so many LKS book under pak kutila table. Then umar bakrie remembered what he had talked with the student in the class. Umar bakrie tried to collect all his braveness when he would meet pak kutikula and ask about LKS issue. After he felt that he were ready, umar bakrie directly came to pak kutikula table and gave little greeting. When the condition was good enough, umar bakrie started to ask about the issue, “ pak kutikula, why do you push students to buy your LKS book?”, “ as you have known that our salary is so small, I need to find additional job to get more money” answer pak kutikula. Then umar bakrie said to pak kutikula that they could find other additional job which is not make the student suffer. When pak kutikula heard that he was look very angry, his face  was getting red and the voice was louder. “ I didn’t make the student become suffer, I just give them a way to get better score in semester report” pak kutikula said, after that the office situation was so scary, there was no any voice, both of the teacher were silent. In the few minute later, umar bakrie try to open the conversation again and he said to pak kutika that it would be unfair for some student because they would get low score because they could not buy the LKS book. There wsa no any response from pak kutikula, he just silent and continued  to count the money.

            After the incident, umar bakrie went away from pak kutikula and went to class to teach student. While umar bakri were teaching, pak kutikula tried did bad thing to him, pak kutikula put some money inside  umar bakries bag, which left in the office. After school time finish the school principle gather all school member in the field, she told that there were a teacher lost his money, the amount of money is big enough it’s for about fifty thousand rupiahs, and then she asked all school member to let pak kutikula as the one who lost his money to check each school member bag one by one.

            “I found it” pak kutikila screamed, after that all people gathered in the office. Umar bakrie was really shock because pak kutikula found the money inside His bag. The principle was so angry to umar bakrie, because actually he is reliable person for principle. After long Discussion in principle room, principle decide that school need to kick umar from the school because he gave very bad example for the student. All student which had waited outside the office were really disappointed to heard that.

            After that one of students appeared from the group, he said “  pak umar bakrie is not the culprit, pak kutikula it self is the culprit, I saw him put something just like money inside pak umar bag”, then All people were look very angry to pak kutikula. Pak kutikula tried to explain to principle that he is no the culprit. But principle response was inversely with pak kutikula hope. The principle asked more information with the student who saw the real accident. From the student explanation the principle known that pak kutikula is the real culprits, the student saw what pak kutikula did, when he would pay for LKS Book, he only saw one teacher in the office at that time, he was kutikula.

            After discussion with some teacher and student, the principle made a decision to kick pak kutikula away from the school. Meanwhile school would keep pak umar here.  Umar bakrie is look very happy heard that decision. In the following Monday after flag ceremonies event, the school principle give speech related with last incident. Good word from her is that “we are teacher, the one who teach our student without think about the money, we will create people who will better person than us”.


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