Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp Journey

By: Achyar Ulul Amri

                Leadership Camp is one of programs in SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy), the aims of this program is to create students which has strong leadership skill and Social life skill. For my grade era the instruction was From TNI AU Palembang, so we have the practicing in Talang Betutu.

A day before Camp held, All Students were busy to do preparation. Pak Romsah as the Chief of leadership Camp ask All Student to gather in front of office before 6.00. in the next day, started from 4.30 all student had Woke up and then directly went to canteen. Before 6.00 all student has gather in front of office.

When we arrive in TNI  AU Place, we directly practicing for opening ceremonies. After the opening had been finish, we directly did the first activity, for the first activity we have LTBB practicing, after that we have out  bond activity, after both of the activity finished for the next we should take soldier bad for our bed in the night we us barrack just like soldier to sleep.

In the second they we have more activities then previous day. In that day we have a long march which we call it as “Hacking”, Hacking is the most unforgettable moment for me because we pass all the way together with my friend by singing our song. (note: I am from dove house, one of nine house in Sampoerna Academy). Our song use “kepomponng melody” the lyric is like this :

Dove House

Kami adalah Dove house bersatu untuk maju

Agar kami jadi juara, lupa kan semua IGCSE dan Exam

Nikmati hari ini untuk leadership camp

Meski panas dan hujan slalu menemani

Dengan bersatu kita mampu o,o dove house

Kami lah dove house, bagai molekul

Walau berbeda tetapi tetap Satu

Fadli dan anggi house captain Dove house

Nanik dan amri, imam dwi juga rahmah

Gamela rian hendro dan riski

Dengan bersatu kita mampu, oo dove house.

In the night we have bone fire, we did reflection about what false that we have done, beside that we also perform drama in bone fire activity.

In the last day, we were shock because there was sudden wake up, the forest condition was just like in a war all people directly gather with complete SA uniform. In the morning we have some outbond competition between houses. For some competition dove house was win but some were not. After we have done all camp activity there was closing activity, Dove house were so happy because we became the best house in leadership camp for this year.

these are some of leadership picture, start from fisrt till last day, check this out :


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