My Education Journey

My Education Journey

By : Achyar Ulul Amri

                My first School is TK PERTIWI in Muara Enim, I remember that my first class name is B class. Tk session were very enjoy for me, because I didn’t think about home work or activity like what older people do. I ever Stop to study in Tk for about 2-3 months because my egoistic. Than I continue it again till I graduate from Tk pertiwi. As far as I know. TK pertiwi principle is still the same since my era, the principle name is Ibu Nurlela.

                My Second School is SDN 3 Muara Enim. This school is near traditional market place where my Father also work there. My Academic Score is good enough, I always include 3 best students in my school. Start from SD I like to make small experiment. Ibu camel is very Memorable for me, because she were the one who teach me about Science experiment  from the first time, from her explanation I attract with science major. I graduate from SDN 3 Muara enim in June 2008. Alhamdulillah I became the best Student in my SD Graduation.

                My Third School is Mts N Muara Enim, beside learn common lesson, in Mts I learned deeper about my religion. Start in that era I learn how to socialize with other and make tied friendship. In mts alhamdulilah I always become the general first rank up until I graduates from mti in June 2011.

                My School Now is SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy), I entered this school in July 2011. This School make me aware how important Social Soul is. Beside Master in academic we should able to have achievement in non academic as well. Addition, SMAN Sumsel Teah us to begood leader that have high integrity. Alhamdulillah up until now I still can maintain my academic Score. For last Mid Semester I got first Rank in my Class. I hope I can keep what I have achieve and try to fix my false in the past.


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