Report Text Entitled “Global Warming”

Global Warming

          Global Warming is the rise in the average temperature of the earth atmosphere. It Began since 1980 after revolution Industry has applied, Industry started to produce many polution. Based on IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change) Data shown that the earth atmospheric temperature has increased 0.76OC IN 2005.

          There are many causes of Global Warming, but the most inflence is green house gasses. Human activities such as burning fossil fuel, produce waste gas which is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide gas convert the earth atmosphere which make the sunlight that entered to the earth are trapped and cannot be reflected to the space. As the result, the temperature of the earth are raising and earth is getting hotter.

           An Increase in global warming will cause some problem such as increasing huricanes due to increasing speed of wind,, massive crop failure as effet of climate change. Species extinction and increasing the sea level as the result of melting process in polar.

           Latest news from green peace about global warming is so shocking. They estimatedthat in 21 century there will be increasing in the sea level for about 19-95 cm, increasing of sea level about 1 metre can cause one island can be lose. As the example is losing island in Egypt around 1 presence, and some smaal island in Indonesia.


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