The Legend Of Candi Bumi Ayu

Anciently, while is sriwijaya’s monarchy stills to experience of power, there is a patih who given by bush forest present by king to patih because heroic struggle while battle with soldier.

That region (the forest)be opened as village and farmland. Before patih go to there, at next door that forest have become little village. In the short run patih build house over there. That silvan resident calls him abang, one that in antic malay, its mean a yag’s male is respected, and if resident that village wants to go to patih’house, ever be say,”want to go to abang’s house ” it’s mean, want to go to patih’s house, therefore by patih it name gives that region “tanah abang. “

Days on alternate days, Sunday a few week, moon knits year, finally that forest finish to opened. Now the forest that was revamped as farmland which lush. Patih that even build limas house over there. Seeing lush earth, there are many resident asks for permit to open forest again for home and farmland. Patih that even concedes.

After perceives have while it picks up his wife. Patih goes to sriwijaya. His House and  agricultural is depositted to resident. patih soldier therewith that from the beginning adjoins it ranked wends sriwijaya.

After many months. Patih returns to tanah abang. He bring his wife and assistant and many soldier. After that patih is lifted as leader at that region. In Indonesia we call it “adipati”

Patih that commands dispassionately and far seeing. People really love patih and really love his wife. So long to long, that village getting multitude. What again after lematang river can be use for transportation. Resident follows buddhism, in consequence patih that even build shrine and quite a few resident sriwijaya that migrant and making a abode at that orchard.

Patih happiness more and more complete, when his wife birthing very beautiful baby. People pleasant meet princess.and to express his happiness patih make a party. For give name to his baby, and the children given name Putri Ayu

Putrid ayu growing as girl which lovely comely. patih and his  wife really indulge that the one only child. There is even to ought to does ever be followed. It who make purti ayu as conceit and arrogant.

Putri Ayu very beautiful and don’t has rival. No one girl in that village can to compare with putri ayu beauty. Even putrid ayu make her conceit. Putri ayu very Beautiful, lovely, smart, and rich too. Education that given by her parents can’t be given by child parents that village. Her abbility writes, weave, dance, sing cook and the other various efficiency that doesn’t be had girl same age as. It make her vanity increases.

One day young citizen that village make discussion. They want to share task and arrange event to welcome and celebrate this year crop. Bachelors and virgin will perform one coupled dance and while Putri Ayu know . That it shall in pairs with someone bachelors farmer child,it make Putri Ayu very angry.

”cuihh, I disinclined  in pairs with him! Its taste indecorous adipati child dances with an indigent bachelor like you!

Putri Ayu spit on bachelors face, it leads its forefinger to aim that bachelor.

Face crimson bachelors. Severely her vitally being contempted such a treated, evenless is contempted at front a lot of person and its friend too. Price she is trampled. Even putri ayu talk is true. It just indigent bachelor. Ah takes ill once his heart,.

”but putri ayu! Just her dances can compare with you ”. A girl interrupts.

”huu, who is disinclined! I even don’t want to dance with you . Really embarrass, single child adipati dance with village bachelor!”

Putri Ayu discard her face. Bachelor and virgin that village very angry. Severely improper its taste an esquire adipati child says something bad like that.

” I will dance by my self. I will not dance with you are. Don’t dream can dance with me.”

Putri Ayu to step going arrogantly. It goes without cast eyes on bachelors virgin that keeps temper.

”putri ayu very arrogant! because she is adipati child, she thoughts we can’t to be like her. Even see!”

a  bachelor complain. Heard by rumour every thing mumbles.

”Kith peace! Putri Ayu needs to be given a lesson, that it can respect each others ”. All people silents.

”how the method?”. a girl asks.

”lets we think together.”, that bachelor thinks.

”I have suggestion!”, a girl interrupts, all addressed eye to her.

” we allow Putri Ayu to dance alone. allow she dances, we can’t block it.”, all nods and be kept quiet.

” then, we even constant dance by our dance. We will change putri ayu. Then on feast. We must enjoin to dish food. So also putri ayu.

while is putri ayu to take in saucer there is that makes snare.stretch the string, if putrid ayu passes, we will attract string it can make she dropperd suddenly,after that she will shy and maybe can get the lesson.” All people nods agree.

So while due harvest, Putri ayu real dance alone. her graceful movement, truly wonderful is seen. Putrid ayu quite a clever dances. When celeberation is over, bachelors virgin at enjoins to dish food. Tonight a prince which looker from sriwijaya becomes to expect a guest honourable.

Putri Ayu tries to perform all the best. she wants lure the princes. She have infatuated. two bachelors hidden in back the door, between rice barn with festal hall, quietly they stretch the string. Putrip ayu will dish up food in first time.

Door opened, with glamour walking putri ayu take in saucers meaty tray with alimentary, she sow smiles.

Just few seconds suddenly, barrack….!! and putrid ayu falls.

”groan ” she screaming.

”praaang..!” the plate in her hand fall, break to pieces.

”Haa….. haa….. haa……!” laughter voice echos. All people lougth because  look  putri ayu fall.

she face is extinct bates shame. her tear is flow down .She really shy and after that she screams.

” impolite! Who that harms me?” all is kept quiet.

”severely is not decorous. Well I know bachelors virgin that harm me. Since bad blood with me. You are envy!”. Putri ayu most sob.

”I promise! All one bleeds sriwijaya, one that as resident in here will swallowed by earth. All people have conected with us will be stone and vanishing engorged earth. You bad blood us, therefore we will go. But, we won’t leave this earth. Since we has already opened it. We will be magical nature occupant.”

And while finished putri ayu utter her oath, it runs to go to terrain, upon arrival over there it cries. Lightning pounces, thunder respond to each other , suddenly soiled moving and chapping. Putri Ayu body that pretty comely engorged earth, her hysteric scream echos.

With thereto, houses, temples / shrines, and object that is engaged sriwijaya’s person vanishes to be devoured by earth, and happening peculiarity, all that bloody sriwijaya that following adipati and islandic sriwijaya that migrant, vanishing without track. They get lost to become magical nature occupant.

While is letups thundering storm, appear earth that evenly was hilly, as intermediate as devours something.we don’t know what its the content?

But present acknowledged it temples and house already become stones and devoured by earths. That is beautiful earth temple. /candi bumi ayu.

Finally that news is widespread of mouth to mouth. We dontknow how, engorged putri ayu earth sometimes to be story for that village resident children and putri ayu place earth vanishing so-called bumi ayu

Send away for moral

We may not tobe arrogant because we are smart, hansome beautiful, or something like that. We must keep our good behaviour,  so we will have many friends. Ought our good behaviour, brotherly and mutually please helps continually be developed.

The end


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